“I would highly recommend Luminita, she brought me clarity and understanding while at all times helping me feel secure and in control of our sessions.” ~ E.C

“Without Prejudice

As far back as I remember I suffered with depression of one kind or another! Down the years I have had every known medical treatment including ECT, also many counselling sessions to no avail. That was until I met Luminita. From our very first session I felt the benefit and continue to do so! Had I met Luminita sooner I would have been in a much happier place.

I cannot say it will work for everybody but our sessions have certainly worked for me! And for this I am very grateful.” ~F.A., Ireland

“I have been a client of L.B. and I have found her to be extremely good with me. She has helped me deal with my personal problems. I have found her to be professional, caring, a superb listener and yet she would interject with a relevant question to help me see another side to a situation, or indeed another way to view a situation. The most important thing for me is to have someone who makes me feel comfortable enough to open up and feel I am not being judged but everything spoken is valued and not made me feel it was unimportant. I would highly recommend Luminita as I found my sessions with her an investment in me and it is something I should have done a long time ago.” ~ C.O., Ireland

“MSBR helped me learn how to bring space and flow to my life. Luminita Buzescu taught us the tools of meditation and simple yoga skills which helps you ‘check-in’ with how your body, mind and heart are doing. Before attending the course I felt as though I was on a constant treadmill, as you can imagine this feeling made it very difficult for me to relax. The course helped me to slow things right down and really start getting in touch with the people, things and environments that supported and nurtured my soul. Funnily enough, once I started doing this, it opened up a place for situations/opportunities to come towards me! I could begin to be playful. It helped lessen all the reaching and stretching and wanting, and while that is naturally still there, I am much more aware of my tendencies and personality type. I know how to care for this one and very precious body. The course taught me to respect my life and to trust in a natural ebb and flow and to jump off the treadmill!  Luminita delivered the course with passion, consideration and much-needed humour!  She had a strictness about her, but its much more Zen-Master than Hard Task-Master, it stems I think from her understanding and experience of how important this work can be; because it can make a real difference to life. The group dynamic is also very helpful, you may have something you want to say but somehow can’t express it or say the words, invariably one of your fellow classmates will voice something similar, it’s a freeing feeling. MSBR was for me quite simply, life changing and I recommend it and Luminita’s careful facilitation whole heartedly.” ~ D. P., Artist, Home-maker and Curator, Ireland.