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What is Psychotherapy?

It is a psychological talking therapy based on a collaborative communication between therapist and client. It is intended to help the client explore and deal with their particular life situation. As it focuses on a broad range of issues, it offers psychological treatment in the area of mental or emotional health, including issues occurring as a result of major life events. During the psychotherapeutic process, a client is supported to access a wider range of possibilities for living a more satisfactory life and relationships, while recognising and integrating their existing strengths and abilities.

What is Systemic Psychotherapy?

It is a psychotherapeutic modality originating from the larger field of systems theory and, compared to other modalities, has a unique and holistic approach to therapy from the perspective it takes on the issues. It considers people both as individuals and in the context of their past or present relationships. Systemic thinking uses a spirit of inquiry to focus on patterns of behaviour and interaction between people, groups or systems.

What is Meditation?

It is a practice that employs a technique or set of techniques to train parts of the mind’s experience such as attention, focus or awareness. Meditation is usually repetitive and can be practiced for many reasons such as: a religious or spiritual purpose, as stress relief, for relaxation, or for maintaining health and general well-being.

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness is the ability that all human beings have to be present and in a state of awareness.

When practicing mindfulness meditation the awareness rests on the support of an object of attention such as: body, breath, sound, thoughts or feelings. It follows a comprehensive set of methods that train the practitioner to direct their attention skilfully. While it is not a means to an end, research studies over the years have shown that consistent practice reduces stress and enhances healing of the mind-body-spirit unit of a person. It supports us to revive our natural gift of the mind as a supportive faculty, even in times of psychological distress. Mindfulness is best practiced regularly and consistently as part of a person’s life style.

The concept of mindfulness is a core part of various ancient spiritual traditions. The roots of modern mindfulness practices come from the teachings of the Buddha. In the tradition of Buddhism, it is an element of a wider spiritual context and practiced as a path towards ending of suffering for all human beings.

It was introduced to the West by Jon Kabat Zinn, who developed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme at the Stress Reduction Clinic, the University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA in the late 1970s.

Who can benefit from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction?

  • Anyone wishing to learn new ways to process stress effectively
  • People experiencing anxiety, burn out, depression, chronic pain, fatigue
  • Those with an interest in slowing down and living more consciously
  • Anyone interested in embracing life and relationships more fully
  • People on a path towards greater self-knowing and awareness

What are the Benefits of Mindfulness practice?

Studies have found physical and psychological benefits for people who have completed mindfulness training and practice mindfulness meditation. Some of the gifts of this practice include:

  • An increased ability to relax and experience calm
  • Greater energy, enthusiasm and appreciation of life
  • Strengthened self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-acceptance
  • Greater ability to cope more effectively with short and long term stressful situations
  • Enhanced quality of communication and relationships
  • Heightened clarity of thinking and intentions
  • More accepting attitude toward life and its challenges
  • Increased resilience

Why Holistic Living?

My deep interest in the holistic approach to health and well-being stems from a combination of love for nature, personal life story and circumstances.

Acknowledging the different parts of the human being, the mind, body and spirit together, makes it possible to appreciate what the Universe has invested into the life of each of us. There is a place for every thing, creature and human being, no matter how they look or appear to our eyes, to be right here in the world.

The holistic and systemic perspectives consider the multidimensional aspect of people, relationships and their environment, and so, taking a wider angle in dealing with any physical, mental or emotional dis-harmony that people experience in life.

I have found the holistic approach to Wellness to be a truly empowering way of bringing more harmony and connectedness to my life, and it has been a blessing to have the opportunity of sharing it with others through my work.

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