Foot Reading is offered one to one and to small groups with prior arrangement.

I completed the Foot reading Training with Jane Sheehan, who is the UK leading Foot Reader.

A session includes respectful observation of your bare feet only, while you are sitting in a comfortable position. There is no need for your feet to be touched during the session.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details.

What is Foot-Reading?

Modern Foot Reading also called Podomancy or Solestry traces its origins in ancient Asia – Iran, India and China.

One of the body parts that tend to receive less attention in our busy lives are the feet.

Yes, you know a lot already about your feet and probably look at them every time you wash, put your tights, socks or shoes on. During the warm season your feet are more exposed to the light, and so you can even see them better when wearing sandals or walking barefoot. We usually tend to pay more attention to the most visible and more exposed parts of the body, like face, head and hands.

Feet have equally interesting stories to tell. The structure and texture of the feet indicate something about your ways of being in the world and relating, which, in one word, we call personality. The appearance of the feet also speaks about your mind and emotions. To put it simply, the mind and body are in ongoing communication, and what happens to one influences the other.

The information you receive during a session is not final. Personality may change overtime. Quite often, some aspects of the appearance of your feet transform also, which allows a foot reading practitioner to track progress and changes in the feet for you.

Why book a Foot reading session?

There can be many reasons for treating yourself to a Foot Reading session.

If you wish to:

  • learn more about yourself, any mental, behavioural or emotional questions you may wish to explore
  • as a holistic complement to your psychotherapy work
  • develop motivation to make some small desired changes
  • explore a deeper meaning in your personal history, or in the mind-body connection, which is unique for each of us
  • explore the language of your feet in a fun and light way,

…then having a Foot Reading session could be of interest to you!

It may help you to work with the aspects discovered even further.  However, it will not treat or replace your doctor’s advice in relation to any physical or psychological illness you may suffer from.