Inviting a spirit of inquiry

Welcome to my first blog post! Remembering to stay curious in asking the questions is the way I am tempted to begin.

How can a question encapsulate and ultimately share the essence of what is being intended?

I like questions, especially those that are open-ended. They are simply an invitation. You, the reader, will become part of them, too, when taking them further by holding them with your “mind’s fingers” and making meaning of the words; agreeing or disagreeing, reflecting, or maybe building up on some idea that interests you. Arriving at some point in your understanding of what your eyes can see.

Asking a question is like creating a painting for exhibition. The painter shares some of themselves, their joys, struggles, or ideas by carefully and purposefully placing colours on the canvas, while the viewer makes their own interpretations of it.  Similarly, the reader may find his or her own not-yet-asked questions and potential answers in whatever the writer has laid on paper, or typed in a blog, in this case. In reading something your mind can go to many places and corners, familiar and unfamiliar, can meet the written words with trust, caution, delight, personal and, why not, collective beliefs and opinions, also.

What goes on in a listener’s or reader’s mind is an aspect that is rarely given attention. We generally believe that you understand what I say and I understand what you say. Communication, verbal or written, can be much more than that. The writer and the reader can meet anywhere on the energetic line between giving and receiving. What would you notice about where you are on that line while reading?

As I write, the word OM comes to mind. Could it be because I am asking myself who this blog is intended for?

OM is a frequently used word in the Romanian language, meaning “human being”. OM is also a mantra that is said to represent the basic sound of the entire Universe and the connection between human beings and the Universe.

In this spirit, the blog is dedicated to anybody who is conscious of being a part of a wider Universe, and who may have a wish to expand their field of awareness by paying attention to the ways in which they think. And the thinking goes beyond the ordinary communication between you and me and other people, as there is much more than words that we share when thinking and speaking. We can create or demolish castles with our minds. The thinking mind is part of the being that each of us have at our own disposal to make something useful with and of it in this lifetime.

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