Welcome to ‘The Opening Eyes’!

I am Luminita, Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Meditation Trainer and Holistic Living Practitioner enjoying working with people from different walks of life and multicultural backgrounds.

PsychotherapyMeditation, and Holistic Living come together here in a creative palette, offering you an integrated approach to Well-Being. Bringing a sensible and inspiring perspective through the live, online and writing mediums, I am passionate about including the mind-body-soul connection in my work with people.

‘The Opening Eyes’ name is a metaphor for a human being’s innate ability to look inside oneself, to see one’s own truth from the heart, through the multitude of relationships available during a life time.

Life presents us with many opportunities to grow, change and evolve into the most soul-full versions of our human selves. The greatest teacher is revealed in the sincere engagement with Life.

Practices such as Psychotherapy and Meditation engage different parts of the self. They create space to bring back into conversation the fragments of the psyche that speak of strength, resilience and kindness, as well as those that may have been forgotten, repressed, buried or banished through the journey of one’s life or even the lives of generations. Psychotherapy and Meditation complement each other, assisting a person with the ongoing work towards the Re-integration of what it is to be truly human.

It is in the dance of internal and external relationships that we can train in this fascinating school of life: “the difference that makes the difference” can be seen in the relationships with own self, with our families, work colleagues, friends, and even wider, the living environment and nature.

During my practice as a psychotherapist I have identified the need for an integrated mind-body-soul approach to recovery and creating wellness. Time and experience have shown that taking them into perspective benefits mental, physical and emotional health.

The find out more about the ethos of my work reflected through writing, why not explore the Blog page posts on the different topics and my Facebook page.

I am inviting you on a fascinating journey towards living a more fulfilling life. It is never too late to try!

More information about the services offered is found on the Services page.

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